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BIOSOLUTIONS has a vision to provide integrated solutions and services in the area of Life Sciences, which are fully adapt to market needs. The company is distinguished by its dedication, professional approach and prompt response to customers’ expectations.


BIOSOLUTIONS with the official cooperation of well-established International Companies offers a full range of scientific instruments, framed by high quality reagents and consumables, such as:


  • Micro-arrays for Clinical Diagnosis & Applied Research
  • Automated thermal-cyclers for High Performance Applications-PCR
  • Real Time Quantitative PCR's
  • Nucleic Acid Isolation Systems
  • High Resolution Photo-documentation Systems
  • High Performance Mass Spectrometry Systems MS / MS
  • TOF / TOF Systems for proteomics applications
  • Chromatography – Electrochemistry Systems
  • Nanophotometers
  • Software Packages for Analytical Systems Management


The company contributes to knowledge transfer and to premium problem solving that the customers face every day, while ensuring the proper installation of instruments by qualified service engineers, the minimum response time and the customers’ continuous update on new equipment and software upgrades.

BIOSOLUTIONS provides high technology Molecular Analysis Laboratory services for Research & Enterprises, with the sophisticated instruments it possesses. The consultancy services include a wide range of tests as Area Sequencing, Gene Expression Analysis, Identification of Genetic Material, Pathogens and Micro-organisms Identification.

Scientific Expertise


BIOSOLUTIONS' experienced and well trained staff, all university graduates, M.Sc and Ph.D., offers customers a wide range of services, focusing on the application of technology with a view to maximizing the effective learning. The team provides scientific support on setting up applications, on method development in the customers' field of interest, while resolves issues relating to the use or handling of them.

BIOSOLUTIONS regularly organizes seminars and trainings to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, to provide answers to scientific & technical issues and to introduce, analyze or form applications for customers in basic research, clinical diagnostics, applied research, biotechnology. The company regularly organizes:


  • Presentations, introduction and interactive processing of new applications during seminars and user's meetings
  • Help Desks, by telephone, email and over the internet are available
  • Trainings abroad or at the customer's site

BIOSOLUTIONS' aim is the continuous updating of it's customers to utilize the information technology it provides, the expansion of its customer's applications with innovative methods and analysis, but also the completion and optimization of existing ones.

Guaranteed Technical Support


BIOSOLUTIONS guarantees excellent installation and operation of equipment by qualified service engineers, and minimum response time in case of failures. In addition, company ensures the timely provision of released information on new equipment and software upgrades.The company offers guaranteed technical support:

  • Installation of instruments
  • Organization and maintenance of instruments
  • Priority in service calls
  • Long term service contracts

Guaranteed Quality 


BIOSOLUTIONS is certified as per EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003, for the scope of Trade, Distribution, Technical Support of Scientific Instruments and Consumables/Reagents. For Trade & Distribution of Molecular Biology IVD Kits, ensuring quality in handling Products, Services, Training, Support & Laboratory Diagnostic Analysis.


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The inauguration of our lab
BIOSOLUTIONS has launched a new laboratory for research and development in Greece...