Molecular-Cellular Biology & Proteomics
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Molecular-Cellular Biology & Proteomics


BIOSOLUTIONS provides innovative services & products, reagents, kits & consumables, for every laboratory & every application, for research & clinical diagnosis, for environmental & food control.

Isolation & Purification of RNA & DNA Products

Suitable enzymes for PCR & RT-PCR

Full range of reagents for Real-Time & RT-PCR

Key Enzymes for Research & Clinical Diagnosis

Cloning Kits

Diagnostic Kits for microarrays

Diagnostic Kits for PCR / qPCR, Real-Time PCR (CE / IVD)

Kits for gene analysis - MLPA

Food Safety & Quality Control Kit

Antibodies - wide variety of antibodies for Western, Immunoprecipitation & Elisa applications

Microbiological tests for rapid and high quality identification of Gram-positive bacteria

Laboratory Equipment Support

Software & Information Systems

Research services - analyzing DNA, RNA & proteins

Diagnostic services – identification of genetic autoimmune diseases, deafness, identification of pathogens & HLA genotyping



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Dear Customers
The inauguration of our lab
BIOSOLUTIONS has launched a new laboratory for research and development in Greece...